Events and Calendar

Unless otherwise noted. Board and Membership meetings are held on the second Tuesday of every month at 8:00 p.m. via telephone conference call.  For further information about joining the conference call meetings, please contact one of the CMKC board members via email.

The call in number: Dial   1-712-775-8972

When asked for the access (Bride) code press 351012 


Click on links below for details, time and locations of upcoming events.


Annual Events 

Summer Solstice Cluster


Upcoming Current Events 2019

Date              Meeting                 Location

NOTE: Time 8:00 PM

  01-08-19              Board Meeting              Tele Conference

  02-12-19              Board Meeting              Tele Conference

  03-12-19              Banquet and General   Cornerstone Pub (Wyoming, MN)  

  04-09-19              Board Meeting              Tele Conference

  05-14-19              General Meeting           Tele Conference

  06-23-19              Board Meeting              Cluster Show Isanti Fairgrounds

  07-09-19              General Meeting           Tele Conference

  08-12-19              Board Meeting              Tele Conference

  09-10-19             Board Meeting              Tele Conference

  10-15-19              General Meeting           B-Match 

  11-12-19              Board Meeting              Tele-Conference

 December           General Meeting            On the Run Brunch (date pending)


 Date to be determined     General Meeting        On the Run Holiday Brunch   

2019 Other Events:

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