September 13, 2011


Legislative Caucus

- Tips for Success handout was provided - provides information of how to become active in your local area including city/county clerk, how to find out about ordinances as well as introducing them. Key players in your community and how to volunteer to be a resource for your area.

- Julian Prager gave an update on the APHIS law that has been enacted but not enforced as no regulations were stipulated. The bill addresses the import of dogs into the country. The original bill was passed in the 2008 Farm bill. It does not include the importation of dogs designated as for personal use. It does cover the resale of dogs for dimunuous reasons. The application for transfer and transit need to be specified on the application as they are under dual at this point. A request to have a reason for import into the country listed on the form. Add a specified time for transfer be listed on the form. such as six months as groups importing dogs for re-sale would not want to hold onto them for that long. Find a problem with the bill and add  a solution. The information for the bill is available at APHIS-2009-0053

- Sheila Goff reported to the caucus that the PUPS bill, with no changes, will be introduced with the @012-2013 Farm Bill. Contact your legislators to not sign on onto the bill and if they have to take their name off. This would still limit dogs to 10 intact of any age owned or co-owned. AKC does not want a number to be associated with this law.

-BSL Breed Specific Laws have no left the state level and being introduced at the local level. Laws and ordinances are being enacted with no knowledge of the people living in the community/area. Stay informed of your locality.

- Animal Folks have introduced the same legislation that was proposed last year for Minnesota. please check the website as it does speak to limits

-AKC website has a government relations too box

-AKC can give support to your local areas

-Advocacy 101 is an excellent area on the AKC website for people to get started legislatively in your area.


The Forum was a powerpoint as well as video presentation of Field Trial and Hunt Tests.


Delegate Meeting


A vote was held for the Delegate Standing committees.


New delegates and new member clubs were introduced.


Meet the Breeds at New York City was discussed.


The Judges Approval Proposal was given to the Board earlier in the day.


AKC involvement in the 9/11 honor of rescue dogs was presented.


Jim Stevens, CFO, gave a 8 month report for this year. The licensing agency that AKC uses has gone into bankruptcy. A guaranteed royalty company has gone into bankruptcy(loss of $500,000) and Affinity credit card revenue is down 50%. Revenue sponsorships are down by 33%. Registrations are 10% from the AKC breeder, 36% from the commercial breeder, 20% from the licensed breeder and 20% from puppies sold in the pet store. Revenues are down $2.1 million this year (77% from registrations $1.6 million) 111% fewer litter registrations and dog registrations down 4%. Entries increased by 4%. Increased revenues are coming from the website. Investments are down .9% ($652,000)


A proposed amendment to apply restrictions to anyone misappropriating funds from any AKC sanctioned, licensed or member club passed.


A proposed amendment would provide for a seated delegate that has been determined ineligible could have the delegate's club appeal the action. Motion passed.


A proposed amendment to add Reserve Best in Show, which would affect five different dog show rules, was passed by a vote of 248 for, 85 opposed with only 333 votes of the 384 delegates that had registered for the meeting.


A Honorable Mention can be awarded for reserve best junior if you have applied for it. The Reserve Best Junior is still in committee.


A 4-H only junior showmanship can be applied for as a Special Attraction