HR 835 / S 707 PUPS

Bad for dogs, bad for shelters, bad for the economy


Abandons traditional determination between wholesale and retail---so that

USDA can regulate home/hobby breeders who don't sell to pet stores.

Begins USDA regulation of anyone (with 1 intact female dog over 4 months of

age) who sells, places, or adopts out more than 50 dogs in a year ... to start.

Could easily be amended down to 10 ... to 2.

Takes away your right to privacy in your own home. USDA or their contractors

can without notice enter your home and inspect it if they SUSPECT you might

meet criteria for regulation.

Over-regulates responsible home breeders out of existence. Mandates nonporous

floors, kennel sizes, floor drains, and pages of requirements impossible

for most home breeders to follow.

Forces shelters, and home/hobby breeders to redesign their current facilities in

order to meet federal standards.

Establishes government controlled exercise standards that are not scientifically


Sets precedent with exercise standards for future rigid socialization and

breeding standards that would remove owner’s flexibility to use professional

judgment based on breed and purpose.

Reduces the ability of the American public to obtain healthy privately bred or

rescue dogs of their choosing.

Places an unfunded mandate on Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service

(APHIS) and overextends their enforcement ability.

Fails to exempt sportsmen, sporting dog trainers, and hunting clubs from being

regulated alongside in-home sellers.

Adds more federal oversight and regulation into American’s daily lives.

Just Say NO to PUPS – HR 835/S 707