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Group Realignment

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Memorandum for AKC BOD and AKC Delegates


Subject:  Group Realignment -  The time has come

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In October, 2007, the AKC Board of Directors appointed a committee to evaluate the existing alignment of breeds within the seven variety groups and determine if a different alignment would better serve the Sport.  

In 2008, the committee reported its recommendations to expand the number of groups from seven to ten and to move breeds from the current groups to the new groups.  The proposal was scheduled to be voted on at the March 2009 Delegate meeting.

At the March, 2009 Delegate meeting, the Committee recommended that the proposal be referred back to the BOD, as additional information had rendered a vote premature.  The BOD subsequently referred the action back to a re-formed Realignment committee, which began its work in 2010. 

In accomplishing its task the Realignment Committee met in person, via conference call and through email coordination.  In its study, the committee considered the current groupings, the previous comments from all stakeholders, the development of AKC record keeping and event management software, the numbers of breeds in the recognition pipeline and AKC plans for streamlining the breed recognition process, and the parallel work of the AKC Judging Approval Process committee.  A composite of Frequently Asked Questions (and Answers) which provide detail is included in this summary

Significant changes in the Groups include splitting the Working Group into three groups, the Hound Group into two groups and the Sporting Group into two groups.  A listing of proposed Groups and their composition is included in this summary.

The committee recommends the addition of four groups to the listing currently in place (7 groups).  This change which requires Delegate approval to amend Chapter 3, Sections 1, 15, 17, 18, 19 and 20, and Chapter 6, Section 3 of the Rules Applying to Dog Shows. Concurrently, the committee notes that it may be useful to remove the reference to the number of groups from all of the above sections, except Chapter 3, Section 1.

In addition, Chapter 2 of the Rules Applying to Registration and Discipline refers to the number of groups, and would require Delegate approval to amend.

The committee, by submission of this report, requests the Board of Directors of the American Kennel Club, in accordance with Article XX of the Bylaws of the American Kennel Club, propose and submit the necessary amendments to the Delegate body, to be read at the December, 2011 meeting of the Delegate Body, published in two issues of AKC Gazette, and voted upon at the March, 2012 meeting of the Delegate Body.

Respectfully submitted,

S/ Tom Davies, Chair

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