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Group Realignment

Posted by CMKC on Friday, September 23, 2011, In : AKC News 

Memorandum for AKC BOD and AKC Delegates


Subject:  Group Realignment -  The time has come

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In October, 2007, the AKC Board of Directors appointed a committee to evaluate the existing alignment of breeds within the seven variety groups and determine if a different alignment would better serve the Sport.  

In 2008, the committee reported its recommendations to expand the number of groups from seven to ten and to move breeds from the current groups to t...

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The PUPS Bill (HR 5434)

Posted by CMKC on Thursday, September 15, 2011, In : Proposed Legislature 
The PUPS bill (HR 5434) is coming up in the US congress.  AKC opposes the current version of the bill which restricts ownership of dogs to ten (10) intact dogs of any age.  Contact your Senators and Representatives and ask them to withhold support for this bill.

Learn more about the PUPS (HF 5434) bill by going to the following link:

You can get the contact information for your US Senators at the following link:

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Please contact your congressional member and senators!

Posted by CMKC on Thursday, September 15, 2011, In : Proposed Legislature 
Ask the to NOT sign on or if they have, please take their name off of the 2012-2013 Farm Bill. The PUPS bill has been added to the total package. The PUPS bill adds very restrictive numbers and conditions. AKC would prefer to support a bill that would regulate the people with poor standard conditions than restrict by the total of ten intact dogs of any age.
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Welcome to the Cambridge Minnesota Kennel Club!

Posted by CMKC on Monday, September 12, 2011, In : Introductory 

Welcome to the Cambridge Minnesota Kennel Club (CMKC).

We hope you find our site and upcoming Blogs informational and helpful to you. 

The CMKC is a club that fosters an interest in all pure bred dogs.

In the future we will provide up to date current events, information and links on our blog page.  If you have an AKC related event you would like to extend an invite to our club members please send an email to Wayne Harmon at

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